Central Coast Watershed Studies Team

Some CCoWS project areas

(List is a little out of date in some areas)

(See also Watershed Geology Lab (Doug Smith)

Category Completed Project
Quality &
2012 Newell Creek Reservoir algal blooms
2011 Pacific Grove Watershed Delineation
  SWRCB Algae Biomonitoring and Assessment of Central Coast Watersheds
  NSF/MBARI Real-time Biogeochemical Monitoring Network Elkhorn Slough
  SWRCB/CCWQC Food safety research through water quality
2007 SWRCB Treatment wetland design & monitoring
2007 SWRCB Ag practice effectiveness monitoring
2006 SFEI Wetland Tracker
2006 GWC Garrapata Water & Sediment
2005 RWQCB Pacheco & Uvas storm water quality
2004 CDPR Lower Salinas pesticide monitoring
2003 RWQCB Chualar Sediment, Nutrients, Pathogens
2002 Natividad nutrients
Ongoing CCoWS Protocols
TMDLs 2005, 2004 RWQCB Watsonville Pathogens & Sediment
2003 RWQCB Salinas Sediment
2003 RWQCB Salinas Nutrients
2003 RWQCB Salinas fish-habitat
Watershed Assessment
& Policy
2012 Alternative compliance framework for stormwater management in the Central Coast Region
2006 MCWRA Rec Ditch Watershed Assessment & Management Strategy
2006 GWC Garrapata Watershed Assessment
2004 CRWC Carmel Watershed
2003 The Pajaro
2003 Williams Cyn Mgt Plan
2002 BLM Fort Ord W'shed assessment
Habitat &
  CDFG Fish habitat mapping
  National Wetland Inventory (NWI)
2005 GWC Garrapata steelhead barriers
2004 MPWMD Carmel Woody Debris
2003 RWQCB Salinas fish & stream habitat mapping
2002 Arroyo Seco Inverts
Lagoons   Lagoons database
2007 CDPR Carmel River Lagoon Enhancement Project
2006 GWC Garrapata Watershed Assessment (includes the lagoon)
2004 Cal-Am Carmel Lagoon groundwater
2004 Lagoon studies overview (MCRWA, Cal-Am, CDPR)
Geomorphology 2005 Monterey Bay shorelines
GIS Mapping,
Land use,
& Land cover
Current Land use in the Fort Ord region
2012 Carmel Highlands fire-plan mapping
2005, 2003, 2001 RWQCB Central Coast Land Cover
EcoViz   NASA EcoViz
Current NASA EcoViz Yellowstone
  NASA/NOAA EcoViz Cordell Bank
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