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Sub-tasks of the Carmel River Watershed Assessment

A CCoWS project for Carmel River Watershed Conservancy, and the State Water Resources Control Board.


In Fall 2002, the CRWC contracted with SWRCB to produce a watershed assessment and management plan for the Carmel River Watershed.

From December 2002 to April 2004, the CCoWS team at CSUMB sub-contracted with CRWC to provide two parts of the CRWA:

1. Assessment of physical characteristics of the River channel (Doug Smith, lead)

2. GIS mapping support (Wendi Newman, lead)


Principal Investigators: Dr Fred Watson & Dr Doug Smith
Senior Technician: Wendi Newman
Also: approx. 2 staff & 2 students.
Contract manager at CRWC: Clive Sanders.


Report (4.9MB PDF)

Mapping meta-data report (866KB PDF)


(Clicking on this will launch a new window, and display a HUGE MAP - you have been warned! )

Land cover
Base map
Subwatersheds (+AOC)
Subwatersheds (-AOC)



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