Central Coast Watershed Studies Team

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Greater Salinas Watershed Nutrient Problems and Sources

A CCoWS project for the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board


This project is part of a large effort devoted to establishing Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for various pollutants in California's Central Coast Watersheds.


  • Review most of the existing nutrient data for the Greater Salinas Watershed (including the Gabilan Creek watershed)
  • Plot spatial distribution of nutrient concentrations on a map
  • Document nutrient problems
  • Describe nutrient sources


Principal Investigator: Dr Fred Watson
Senior Technician: Thor Anderson
Also: approx. 4 staff & 4 students.
CCRWQCB Contract Managers: Mark Angelo, Chris Rose


Report (25 MB PDF)

Map of nutrient concentrations - 28 May 2003:
- 8.5 x 11 inch versions (2.6 MB PDF) (5.7 MB PNG)
- Web size reduction (500 KB PNG) (old draft version)
- Full poster size version (6 MB PDF)


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