Central Coast Watershed Studies Team

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Monitoring Chlorpyrifos & Diazinon in impaired surface waters of the lower Salinas region

A CCoWS project for the Department of Pesticide Regulation


In Spring 2002, the CCoWS team commenced work on a pesticide monitoring project in the lower Salinas Valley for the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) in conjunction with the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (CCRWQCB).

The project was completed in March 2004. Here is the final report.

Principal Investigator: Dr Fred Watson
Senior Technician: Don Kozlowski
Also: approx. 4 staff & 4 students.

Waterbodies monitored

Salinas R @ Davis Rd
Salinas Lagoon @ Del Monte Rd
Blanco Drain @ Cooper Rd
Blanco Drain @ Pump-out station
Reclamation Ditch @ San Jon Rd
Old Salinas R @ Portrero Rd
Moss Landing Harbor @ Sandholdt Rd
Espinosa Slough @ Rodgers Rd
Espinosa Lake




Our field and laboratory protocols are documented for all CCoWS work in:

The CCoWS Protocols Document (Version E dated 29th May 2003).


Final report (2.7 MB PDF).


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