Central Coast Watershed Studies Team

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Protocols for Water Quality and Stream Ecology Research

Documentation of procedures used by the Central Coast Watershed Studies Team (CCoWS)
at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB).


The CCoWS team does a variety of water quality and stream ecology research along California's Central Coast.
Most of our protocols are documented in one complete report.


Team Leader: Dr Fred Watson
Technicians: Wendi Newman, Thor Anderson, Joel Casagrande, Don Kozlowski, Julie Hager, Eve Elkins
Students: Joy Larson, Jessica Wikhoff, Suzanne Gilmore, Regina Williams.

Report series

The CCoWS Protocols Report is actually a series of versions of an evolving report, as follows:

Version G (Latest Version)

Version F (for archival reference)

Version E (for archival reference)

Version D (for archival reference)

Version C (for archival reference)


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