Carneros Watershed: Slope

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Carneros slope.jpg


  • Data Source: USGS, 1/3 arc second, Digital Elevation Model: See Carneros Watershed: Map of Elevation
  • Data analysis: ArcMap
  • Map produced by: Kyle Stoner
  • Coordinate system: UTM Zone 10
  • Datum: NAD 83

Processing Steps

  1. ArcGIS -> Spatial Analyst Toolbar -> Surface Analysis -> Slope
  2. Input Surface: USGS 1/3 arc second DEM. DEM was projected so that x,y measurement units matched the vertical measurement unit. This projection change creates some visual distortion in the final image from the shift.
  3. Output Measurement: Slope was calculated in degrees.
  4. Z Factor: The Z-factor was set to 1 because the DEM was projected into UTM to match units of elevation.
  5. Output Cell Size: Default value automatically used the input cell size.
  6. Output Raster: name and location of slope raster to be created.
  7. Color ramp was set to "Partial Spectrum" with 9 classes ranging from 0-75 degrees.