Making QuickTime movies (.mov files) from sequences of images

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How to make .mov files using Apple QuickTime Pro. (Note, the Pro version is needed for this; it costs about $30)

  1. Open QuickTime
  2. Menu --> File --> Open Image Sequence
  3. Browse to the vid folder (in the folder where you Renderer is saved) where the .jpg files are located.
  4. Click on the first .jpg file. Don't click Open yet.
  5. Select the frame rate you want. If you don't have many frames, or you used a pretty large time-step in your modelling or rendering, you might want to select a slow frame rate like 6 - 15 frames per second. If you have bzillions of frames and you want super-smooth video, leave the default as 29.97 FPS.
  6. Click Open, and wait while it reads your .jpg files.
  7. After QuickTime opens the image sequence you need to flatten it - i.e. convert it into a single video file.
    1. Menu --> File --> Save As. Give file a name and click save.

Compressing movies:

  1. Open file with QuickTime
  2. Menu --> File --> Export
  3. Give file a name, but don't click Save.
  4. Click on Options (Located on lower right corner of form).
  5. Click on Settings.
  6. Select your compression quality and compression type. Click OK.
  7. Save Movie.

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