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  • Emily-3/30: I am still editing and adding. I will be working on the page in the morning of 3/31 as well.

Implementation and Monitoring: Needs filling out beneath the various subtitles...

  • Maria (3/28): I have revised this section (Implementation and Monitoring).

Source Analysis: Not sure whether this section is necessary.. we may be able to move it under implementation and monitoring? Any thoughts anyone?

  • Maria (3/28): I integrated Source Analysis with Implementation and Monitoring.

Tools section may not be necessary. I can't think of any other tools that are not already covered, but that does not mean they do not exist.

Fred says: Its unclear what this sentence means: "The final TMDL report was promulgated for the CCRWQCB meeting on March 10, 2010." What was on the agenda for that meeting? Was the report "proposed" for "approval" by the Board?

  • Maria (3/29): I changed this back to what I had before, but left the link. If someone else feels it needs more, feel free to add.

Fred says: To help shorten the page, some of the material in "Watershed Description" could be deleted or moved to separate standalone pages, for exampled called "The Gabilan / Reclamation Ditch Watershed" or "The Old Salinas River Channel".

  • Colin (3/25): I played around with this one. I made the two pages suggested above as well as "The Lower Salinas Watershed". I put everything the TMDL page had into the other pages, as well as added a little from other sources. I didn't link to the Reclamation Ditch page in the TMDL page, because it did not seem necessary.

Fred says: The Problem Statement might be clearer if the WQOs for those BUs are listed (i.e. geo-mean of 400 MPN/100mL etc) - or maybe reference the places its already mention in the Numeric Target section; or maybe nove some of that Numeric Target detail up here nearer to Problem Statement.

Fred says: Data analysis section is too long, especially the long 'Methods' paragraph. It needs to be about a third that length. Summarize it at the level you would need if giving a 5-minute presentation to the Board.

  • Ty (03/30): Work in progress..

Fred says: Provide some links to things like CCAMP, CCoWS, etc. Check if internal wiki pages already exist for this. If not, cite external links.

  • Maria (3/29): I added CCAMP and CCoWS external link URLs in the Links section of the wiki page, but I have not connected them to any of the other sections.

Fred says: Numeric Target section a bit too detailed near the end. Slash & summarize.

  • Luke (3/25): Slashed and reworked.

Fred says: Linkage analysis not clear. Needs an extra sentence starting "Therefore....".

  • Luke (3/25): Added to and clarified.

Fred says: TMDL Development section needs to start by noting that the load information is not the formal TMDL but some kind of adjunct analysis (need to research that court ruling that is cited).

  • Luke (3/25): Added suggested content to this section. Did not research court ruling.
  • 3/31 found court ruling and discussion on page 158 - will add reference to TMDL Development section

Fred says: Allocation section needs to start with a brief explanation of what 'allocations' are.

  • 3/30 Sandy - I re-worked the allocation section

Fred says: Implementation section is very hollow. The sentence on potential sources can be deleted (duplicates earlier material), and the ACTUAL IMPLEMENTATION ACTIONS need to be summarized.