Tarsier tutorial: Adding Labels to a Renderer

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Adding agent labels

Pre-requisites for this tutorial

Adding Static Labels

  1. Open the .tre from Tarsier tutorial: Renderer
  2. Go to the Agn tab and click on the Agencies checkbox to enable agents.
  3. On the UseeControl click on view, an empty Agencies edit form will come up. This form gives you four options:
    1. Insert New: Doesn't do anything at the moment.
    2. Add new: Adds a new empty Agency file.
    3. Remove: Removes the selected Agency file.
    4. Add: Adds an existing Agency from a file.
  4. Click on the 'Add new', and empty Agency gets added to the list. Double-click on this item to bring up the Agency editor form.
  5. Create a new agent by clicking on the Add button (lower-left corner), a new agent gets added to the list.
  6. Click on the agent to start editing its parameters. The first thing you want to do is give the agent a type. There's two ways of doing this, you can type in the agent type value or you can select the agent from the drop-down box. On the drop-down select AGENT_PROP_TRAIL_SIGN_FLAT.
  7. Click on the Enable and Visible check-boxes to enable the agent. Now you need to give the object an easting, northing and elevation. To get the coordinates you can do several things:
    1. Click on the Cam1 tab. Click one of the three buttons with a picture of a camera (middle-left). You can see the current camera coordinates on the text-box next to the 'Rec Cam' Button. The first three coordinates are easting, northing and elevation (e,n,z).
    2. Alternative way, open up raster1 on a RasterView window and click anywhere on the raster to get the coordinates.
    3. Click on the RenderView's paintbox, the status bar at the button of the window has the coordinates of the spot you clicked.
  8. Now that you have the coordinates, type in the easting and northing into the agent's coordinate fields, leave the elevation at zero, this places the agent on top of the terrain.
  9. To set the label's text you need to type something in the Label text-box, type in "My Label".
  10. In order to see the label you need to give it a size, type 10000 in the Size number-box. This will give you an agent that is 10000 meters long, since we're really high up we need the label to be this big.
  11. You can move the label around using the agent keys[link to agent keys].
  12. Don't forget to save![Link to "saving agency files"]