Basin-Indians Wildfire in California's Central Coast Region

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A watershed-related issue examined by the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB. Contents [hide]

   * 1 Summary
   * 2 Location
   * 3 Resource/s at stake
   * 4 Stakeholders
   * 5 Laws, policies, & regulations
   * 6 Systems
   * 7 Science
   * 8 Tools
   * 9 Future research
   * 10 References
   * 11 Disclaimer

[edit] Summary

...a few sentences... [edit] Location

...Name the smallest watershed (or other applicable region) within which the issue occurs... [edit] Resource/s at stake

...What environmental resource/s are at stake?... [edit] Stakeholders

...Who are the stakeholders in the watershed? e.g. agencies, non-profits, associations... [edit] Laws, policies, & regulations

...What laws, policies, and/or regulations are involved?... [edit] Systems

... What elements of the biophysical system are/were involved?... [edit] Science

...What scientific studies are or would be relevant / already completed?... [edit] Tools

...What analytical (e.g. modeling) tools were or could be used?... [edit] Future research

...What knowledge gaps remain?...

...Suggest a CWSP MS thesis topic that could contribute to the issue...

...Suggest a topic for a hypothetical study that had unlimited resources... [edit] References

...Proust, M. 1901. Poetica nausea. J. Nauseum. pp 1-9999. [edit] Disclaimer

This page may contain student work completed as part of assigned coursework. It may not be accurate. It does not necessary reflect the opinion or policy of CSUMB, its staff, or students. Retrieved from "" Views

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