California Coastkeeper Alliance

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A watershed-related topic examined by the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB.


The California Coastkeeper Alliance (CCKA) unifies twelve regional Waterkeeper programs whose mission is to advocate for clean water for communities and ecosystems in California[1]. The CCKA was established in 1999, and their home office is located in San Francisco, CA. The regional Waterkeeper programs include:

The CCKA is operated by a nine member Board of Directors who represent the separate twelve regional Waterkeeper programs[1]. The CCKA aims to protect bodies of water such as the San Francisco Bay-Delta, the Klamath River, the Pacific Ocean, and other coastal waterways in California, and uses a wide range of tools to do so. Such tools involve media, policy and science experience to aid in the advocacy for advancement of California policies and programs that benefit clean water. Within the framework of regional Waterkeepers and the CCKA, staff work to defend those policies and inform the public on local water related issues. Other staff at the CCKA include an Executive Director, Staff Attorney, and Policy Analyst[1].


The CCKA works to report on regional and statewide advances in clean water efforts[1]. They have published several reports over the last decade, and their most recent report, the 2010 Annual Report, was made as an interactive web page[1].


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