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==Watershed Components==  
==Watershed Components==  

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The Canyon del Rey Watershed is located entirely in Monterey County within the Central Coast of California. The watershed is approximately 16.8 square miles and contains portions of the cities of Monterey, Del Rey Oaks, and Seaside[1]. The Canyon del Rey Watershed drains into Arroyo Del Rey a perennial stream that begins in the eastern portion of the Canyon del Rey watershed near Laguna Seca Race Track, and flows west terminating into the Monterey Bay.

Slope Map of the Canyon del Rey Watershed. The magenta outline represents the Canyon del Rey Watershed. Map provided by Balance Hydrologic Inc, included in the : 2014 Canyon del Rey Master Drainage Plan Draft.

Watershed Components


Arroyo del Rey (Canyon del Rey Creek)

Arroyo del Rey is the main creek of the Canyon del Rey Watershed. Arroyo del Rey has also been called Canyon del Rey creek in local studies conducted by MPMWD. The name Arroyo del Rey is often used by the USGS and city of Del Rey Oaks. The creek begins in the east along Highway 68 near the Laguna Seca Race Track. It flows westerly next to Highway 68 until it reaches the Ryan Ranch Business Park in Monterey[1]. The creek then follows Highway 218 into the city of Del Rey Oaks. Arroyo del Rey runs through recreational areas including Frog Pond Wetland Preserve and Del Rey Oaks Park, then going through the community of Seaside where it establishes both Laguna Grande in Laguna Grande Regional Park, and Roberts Lake [2]. The outlet of Arroyo del Rey is located within Monterey State Beach.

Lakes and Preserves

Monitoring Sites

Flow Gages

California Central Coast Gage Locations has more information on these gages.

Precipitation Gages

  • (Active) Laguna Seca Gage (Recorded at Hourly Intervals) managed by CIMIS
  • (Active) KCAMONTE 21 (Recorded at 15 min Intervals) managed by Weather Underground
  • (Active) KCAMONTE 67 (Recorded at 15 min Intervals) managed by Weather Underground



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