Carmel River Watershed Conservancy (CRWC)

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The Carmel River Watershed Conservancy (CRWC) is a non-profit, volunteer led organization that strives to protect the Carmel River Watershed.

Watershed Education

The CRWC has developed a watershed education curriculum to teach students throughout Monterey County about the connections between freshwater, land, and ocean ecosystems through interactive classroom visits and field trips[1].

Schools Served

The following is a list of schools involved with the CRWC watershed education program.

  • Bay View Charter, Monterey
  • Big Sur Charter, Monterey
  • Carmel Valley High, Carmel Valley
  • Chartwell, Seaside
  • Gonzales Fairview, Gonzales
  • Greenfield Middle, Greenfield
  • Laurel Wood Elementary, Salinas
  • La Mesa, Monterey
  • Lincoln Elementary, Salinas
  • Marina High, Marina
  • Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey
  • Salinas High, Salinas
  • Seaside High, Monterey
  • Stevenson, Carmel
  • Toro Park Elementary, Salinas
  • Tularcitos, Carmel Valley

Carmel River Task Force

The Carmel River Task Force (CRTF) is a group of representatives from several state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and researchers who meet quarterly to discuss environmental issues within the Carmel River Watershed. Meetings are hosted by the CRWC and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, and provide opportunities for networking and collaboration between stakeholders. The CRTF is also responsible for updating the CRTF Action Plan, a list of prioritized projects within the watershed[2]


The CRWC updates active projects in the Carmel River Watershed. The most recently updated document can be found here.


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