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(Stakeholders in Environmental Issues)
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**[[California Coastal Commission]]
**[[California Coastal Commission]]
**[[Monterey County Water Resources Agency‎]]
**[[Monterey County Water Resources Agency‎]]
**[[Resource Conservation Districts in California's Central Coast Region]]
**[[Resource Conservation District of Monterey County (RCDMC)]]

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The ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class in the M.S. in Environmental Science program at CSUMB is taught by Dr Fred Watson and Dr Doug Smith each spring (2009 - 2018, and counting...). One section of the class involves reviewing, creating, and updating pages for this web site, the CCoWS Wiki.

If you have questions about a page on this web site, please email Dr Fred Watson.

The class has examined a number of environmental summaries and watershed issues, some of which are also listed here:


Specific watersheds

Stakeholders in Environmental Issues

  • Businesses
    • CEMEX is a Mexico-based, global building materials company that owns the CEMEX Lapis Plant in Marina, CA. [1]




This page may contain student work completed as part of assigned coursework. It may not be accurate. It does not necessary reflect the opinion or policy of CSUMB, its staff, or students.


  1. CEMEX Website About Us Page