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The following represents a Vision for Ecosystem Science and Visualization (EcoViz) within the Monterey Bay region held by a collaboration at the Division of Science and Environmental Policy (SEP) at CSUMB.

Founding principles

Watersheds and coastal waters are connected.

Geographic scope

Generally: From Big Sur to Monterey Bay

More specifically: Pt Lobos, Carmel Bay, Southern Monterey Bay, Elkhorn Slough

Topics, Questions, and Postulates


Question: What are the fate and consequences of watershed-borne nutrients in the Monterey Bay environment?

Postulates: The consequences may include an influence on algal blooms in the bay.


Question: ...

Postulates: ...

Sea-level rise

Question: ...

Question: ...

Postulates: ...

=== Urban runoff

Question: ...

Question: ...

Postulates: ...



Tarsier Environmental Modeling Software Framework