EcoViz: Point Buchon

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Notes on the Point Buchon project for MBSF

Viz - Aerial: Start at near planet, with CA boundary visible Central coast MPAS Lobos Near Whaler’s Down to boat with diver on it

Cut to real footage: Diver dons mask and enters water Dives down and thru kelp forest for a bit, heading away from shore toward deeper water Emerge from kelp, hand pulls kelp away from view to reveal ‘abyss’, turn left (west)

Viz – U/W: Emerge from kelp, reveal abyss, with shallower water on left Head W along N shore of Lobos, seeing kelp forest Gradually pull back as head west to reveal canyon edge in foreground

Viz – Aerial: Emerge from water to west of Lobos, looking E End on nice eastward shot of aerial Lobos


Sister project = EcoViz: Point Lobos