EcoViz: Point Lobos

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Notes on EcoViz: Point Lobos project for MBSF


Notes from 9-Dec-08 meeting

Re-worked a bit on 16-Jan-09 after we got Kip's footage:

  1. Viz - Aerial:
    1. Start at near planet, with CA boundary visible
    2. Central coast MPAS
    3. Lobos
    4. Near Whaler’s
    5. Down to wide shot from above of boat in water with diver on it, and cove shoreline in background
  2. Cut to real footage:
    1. Matching wide shot from above of boat in water with diver on it
    2. Cut
    3. Diver dons mask and enters water
    4. Cut
    5. Dives down and thru kelp forest for a bit, heading away from shore toward deeper water
    6. Maybe cut
    7. Emerge from kelp, hand pulls kelp away from view to reveal ‘abyss’, turn left (west)
  3. Viz – U/W:
    1. Emerge from kelp, reveal abyss, with shallower water on left
    2. Head W along N shore of Lobos, seeing kelp forest
    3. Gradually pull back as head west to reveal canyon edge in foreground
  4. Viz – Aerial:
    1. Emerge from water to west of Lobos, looking E
    2. End on nice eastward shot of aerial Lobos

Narration notes Rita emailed on 15-Jan


Screen grabs / micro-clips to show Rita