Fort Ord Habitat Management Plan

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(Formally, the "Installation-Wide Multispecies Habitat Management Plan for Former Fort Ord, California - April 1997")

Once the Department of the Army was directed to close and transfer Fort Ord, a Biological Assessment (BA) was conducted since this closure was considered a major federal action by potentially affecting eight species proposed for listing or listed as threatened or endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). This assessment, conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), was prepared to identify potential loss of populations and habitats of these species, as well as resulting caretaker actions, disposal actions, and six reuse alternatives. The 1993 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)[1] , along with the BA, prompted development and implementation of a multispecies Habitat Management Plan (HMP). This HMP was developed in compliance with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USWS) final Biological/Conference Opinion[2] for the disposal and reuse of the former Fort Ord land in order to establish management and conservation guidelines for the wildlife, plant species and habitats in the former Fort Ord lands and addressed pre-disposal, disposal, and reuse actions. Shortly after this publication was released, the U.S. Army produced a Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) [3] that included additional data, analysis and reuse alternatives. During this time, an agreement between the Army, USFWS, U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), University of California (UC), and FORA had determined to revise the 1994 HMP, presenting the same goals and objectives but modifying several reuse scenarios related to specific land use descriptors. The HMP's general goal is "to promote preservation, enhancement, and restoration of habitat and populations of HMP species while allowing development on selected properties that promotes economic recovery after closure of Fort Ord. [4]

Habitat Management Plan Map


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