Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs)

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Map of aquifers under the authority of the SVBGSA. Photo from [2][1]

The Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (SVBGSA) was created in 2017 under the SGMA with the mission of creating and implementing a sustainable groundwater management plan by 2020 to achieve sustainable groundwater use by 2040.[2]


The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act required that every basin of high- to medium-risk create a Sustainable Groudnwater Plan (SGP) by June 30th 2017. In the case of the Salinas Valley Basin that resulted in the creation of the SVBGSA.


The SVBGSA has a board of 11 members occupying different seats to consider different stakeholder viewpoints. These members and their focus are are:

  • Adam Secondo, Secondo Farms- Agriculture, Pressure
  • Bill Lipe, Rava Ranches- Agriculture, Upper Valley/Paso
  • Brenda Granillo, Cal Water- CPUC Regulated Water Company
  • Colby Pereira, Costa Farms- Agriculture, East Side/Langley
  • Janet Brennan, LandWatch- Environment
  • Lou Calcagno- Public Member
  • Supervisor Luis Alejo, Monterey County- Other GSA Eligible Entity
  • Mayor Joe Gunter, City of Salinas- City of Salinas
  • City Manager Mike McHatten, City of Soledad- South County Cities
  • Ron Stefani, Castroville CSD- Disadvantaged Community or Public Water System, including Mutual Water Companies serving residential customers
  • Steve McIntyre, Monterey Pacific/McIntyre Vineyards- Agriculture, Forebay [3]


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