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The Grower Shipper Association of Central California is one of the oldest agricultural associations in the region. They have more than 300 members of growers, shippers, harvesters, and many other related businesses. They provide legal services, human resources, and guidance on issues facing the agricultural industry to their members

Provided Programs

This list was provided by GSA.

  • Legal Services
    • In-house counsel provides experienced and effective legal representation at extremely affordable rates. A variety of legal services are available, with special expertise in labor and employment law.
  • Human Resources
    • Representation, counseling, training and assistance are provided on a wide range of HR-related issues – from general employment law and employee benefits to annual wage and benefit surveys and personnel management issues.
  • Monitoring Issues
    • The Association serves as a watchdog for its members, monitoring any issue that can possibly impact the agricultural industry. Government regulations, pending legislation, energy issues, food safety – whatever the issue, the Association works to keep members informed, counseled and represented on vital industry concerns. The Association is also a founder and member of the Central Coast Agricultural Task Force, which monitors local governmental boards and agencies on any and all issues impacting our region’s agriculture.
  • Labor Relations
    • The Association has represented members at the bargaining table since its beginnings. Contract negotiations, administration, processing of grievances and arbitration with various labor organizations are provided at no cost to regular members.
  • Workshops & Training Seminars
    • We pride ourselves on the Association’s yearly schedule of educational and training seminars. Seventy to eighty programs on a variety of topics go a long way in keeping our members informed, up-to-date and connected.


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