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A quick guide to creating and editing pages on wikis built using MediaWiki software.

Creating a page

First, login, by clicking "login" at the top-right of the window. You'll need an account for this. Email the Site Administrator if you need an account or have forgotten your password.

To create a page, search for it using the "search" box on the left of the window.

If it doesn't exist, you will be given the option to create it. The page will be titled exactly with the phrase you searched for, so choose a good title carefully. Use initial capitals.

Editing a page

If you just created it, you will already be editing it.

If you want to edit an existing page, navigate to it, then click "edit" at the top of the page. The "edit" option will only appear once you have logged in.

Once you are editing you can just type.

Formatting and linking

Pretty early on, you'll want to do some basic formatting and linking. Here's a few tips to get you started. Complete help can be obtained [here on the MediaWiki site.

The easiest way to format and link is by selecting the relevant text, and clicking on the icons at the top of the text window. This will insert special characters into your text that will be interpreted as formatting and links when you save or preview the page.

Its also worth learning these special characters yourself, like: