How to Post a Map on the Wiki

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Wiki pages involved in posting a map

When posting maps on this wiki, its a good idea to post both the map itself, and a separate page that has metadata, and links to possibly multiple versions of the map (e.g. PNG and PDF).

An example is the 'basemap' for the Carneros Watershed. It has:

Steps to take

  1. Make map:
    1. From ArcMap, Print your Layout to an Adobe PDF file
      1. Set the page setup to 'Landscape'
      2. Set the printer to 'Adobe PDF'
      3. During printing:
        1. Set the output image quality to 'Normal' for a first try, but then closely examine the end product to check that it has print-quality resolution.
    2. Important: Give the PDF file a self-explanatory name for general use on the wiki, like 'CarnerosWatershed_Basemap.pdf'. You can't change filenames on the wiki once they are uploaded, so do this now.
  2. Upload your PDF file to the Wiki:
    1. Click 'Upload file' on the list of links to the left of all Wiki pages
    2. Browse to your file
    3. Click 'Upload file'
  3. Create a PNG version of your map:
    1. Two ways you could do this:
      1. Open the PDF file Adobe Acrobat (you probably need more than the free version for this), and Save As PNG.
        If PNG file is larger than 2MB, shrink PNG file to less than 2MB (the current maximum file size), using something like Adobe Photoshop.
      2. Or, Save map as small PNG file (<2MB) from ArcGIS
    2. Open the PNG in an image viewer program, to check that it looks correct (e.g. the resolution is sufficient)
  4. Upload PNG to Wiki:
    1. Click 'Upload file' on the list of links to the left of all Wiki pages
    2. Browse to your file
    3. Click 'Upload file'
    4. Click 'Edit' to edit the page associated with your PNG file
    5. Below, you'll create a separate metadata page for your map, so here, you need to create a link to this metadata page.
      So, type this text in the file description:
      '''For metadata and alternate versions, see: [[Carneros Watershed: Map of XYZ]]'''
      where 'XYZ" is a name for your map
  5. Create a metadata page for your page. By either:
    1. Clicking on the link to it that you just created above (Remember, clicking on a link to a non-existent page is one way to create a page), or
    2. Searching for the name of the page you want to create, and clicking 'Create new page' when the search doesn't find that page.
  6. Build your metadata page by editing it and adding the following elements:
    (See this page for an example)
    (Note, you could just copy the whole example page and change the parts you need)
    1. Show a thumbnail of your map on the metadata page:
      [[Image:CarnerosWatershed_Basemap.png|200px|thumb|Carneros Watershed: Basemap]]
      1. Note: The wiki software automatically creates thumbnails from image files like PNG and JPG (but apparently not from PDF).
    2. Provide download links to the actual map files, so that people can download your files and save them or print them:
      * [[Media:CarnerosWatershed_Basemap.pdf|PDF file - for printing]]
      * [[Media:CarnerosWatershed_Basemap.png|PNG file]]
    3. Add a 'Metadata' section with information on data sources, authorship etc (See example page).
    4. Add a 'Links' section with a link back to the gallery of all related maps (See example page).
  7. Add your map to any galleries that should contain it e.g. if your map is a map of a watershed characteristic, then it should be in the gallery of maps for that watershed, e.g. Maps of the Carneros Watershed.