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Monterey County Supervisor Districts

This is not the official Monterey County page. This page was created as part of the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB to highlight basic county structure and function in respects to environmental management.


Monterey County consists of five districts each with an elected county supervisor. Supervisors are responsible for making and enforcing local ordinances. The Board of Supervisor's have the power to execute purchasing and holding land, managing properties, and collecting taxes as authorized by the law. [1]

Monterey County's expenses vary from employee salaries to natural disaster resources. The Soberanes Fire and winter storms of 2017 required the Board to approve $16.8 million towards critical repair work with a total repair cost of $62.3 million once funding becomes available. [2]


Several Monterey County departments are involved with environmental management.

Agricultural Commissioner

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, the Agricultural Commissioner enforces State agricultural laws and regulations and promote farm worker health and safety, protect environmental resources, and assure a fair marketplace. One of the most important programs is foreign plant quarantine and pest control and to detect incipient infestations while they are small enough to be eradicated.[3]

Health Department

The Monterey County Health Department enforces Environmental Health laws. Within this department, the Environmental Health REview Services (EHRS) reviews land us projects and building permits and oversees quarterly monitoring of effluent produced by sewage treatment and wastewater reclamation facilities.[4]

The Drinking Water Protection Services (DWPS) regulates domestic water systems that serve at least 25 people for at least 60 days a year. DWPS assists to resolve water quality and quantity issues, permits water well constructions, and operates a cross-connection control program and a water reuse program.[5]

Related County Agencies

Monterey County Resource Management Agency (RMA)





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