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Within the governance of Monterey County, the cities are where the development projects go before committees and are approved. Development Projects can be found in the City Hall Agendas which will state whether it is being considered. City residents are encouraged to be involved and attend the City Council Meetings. Community members may also sit on a City Council advisory committee through an application process.<ref>https://monterey.org/City-Hall/Boards-Commissions-and-Committees/How-to-Participate-on-a-Board-Commission-or-Committee</ref> 
'''Important Links Here:'''
* [https://monterey.org/City-Hall/City-Meetings-Calendar Monterey City Council Meetings Times & Location]
* [http://www.isearchmonterey.org/meetings.html Monterey City Hall Agendas]
* [https://www.cityofsalinas.org/our-government/city-council Salinas City Council Meeting Times & Location]
* [https://salinas.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx Salinas City Hall Agendas]
* [https://www.cityofpacificgrove.org/about-city/city-council/how-participate-city-council-meetings Pacific Grove City Council Meeting Times & Location]
* [https://www.cityofpacificgrove.org/about-city/city-council Pacific Grove City Hall Agendas]
[[File:VoterDistrict_Street_Inset.png|300px|thumb|right|Monterey County Supervisor Districts]]
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