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*[[Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs)]]
*[[Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs)]]
==Related links==
== Links ==
* https://www.noaa.gov/
* [[Organizations involved in the management of California's Central Coast Region]]
== References ==
== References ==

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A organizational summary by the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration logo. Retrieved from NOAA.[2]


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a United States federal scientific agency within the US Department of Commerce. NOAA carries out a variety of duties that monitor, manage, and protect the nation's oceans, major waterways, and atmosphere. In the California Central Coast Region, NOAA plays a large role in marine management and regulation in conjunction with many cooperating institutions such as Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC Santa Cruz, Moss Landing Marine Labs, and CSUMB [1]


NOAA's overarching mission is "Science, Service, and Stewardship." [2] NOAA operations strive to study the structure and function of the ocean, atmosphere, and other connected systems in order to understand patterns and predict changes in weather, climate, and ocean processes. NOAA also seeks to share their data and effectively communicate this information to the public and other agencies. A large part of NOAA's mission is to act as responsible stewards of the earth by managing and conserving coastal and marine ecosystems and the services they provide. Together, these three principles drive NOAA research and management to be the foundation for future ecosystem, cultural, and economic resilience. [2]

Legal Status / Authority


Organizational Structure

The top executive leadership position within NOAA is the Administrator. Benjamin Friedman, U.S. Deputy Under Secretary for Operations, is currently serving as Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Acting Administrator of NOAA.[3]

NOAA operates six major line offices that carry out the majority of its scientific functions, as well as several staff and corporate offices and the NOAA Commissioned Officers Corps. NOAA's major offices include:

Central Coast Context

Example Work / Projects



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