SEP Focus Sites

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  1. Carmel Ecosystem, including:
    1. Carmel Watershed
    2. Carmel Lagoon
    3. Carmel Bay
  2. Southern Monterey Bay, including:
    1. Monterey Shale Beds
    2. Monterey Bay Dunes
    3. Monterey Harbor
  3. Elkhorn Slough
  4. Montrey Submarine Canyon
  5. Salinas Valley
  6. Gabilan Watershed
  7. Fort Ord
  8. Los Padres National Forest
  9. Big Sur
  10. Inter-tidal
  11. Urban
  12. Vernal pools
Wooded Rangeland Agricultural Urban Riverine Lagoon Inter-tidal Near-shore Canyon Vernal
North of CSUMB
South of CSUMB

Selection of these focus sites is consistent with the EcoViz:SEP Vision.