Water Quality Control Plan for California's Central Coast Region (Basin Plan)

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The Water Quality Control Plan for the Central Coast Region (Basin Plan) is the Board's master water quality control planning document. It designates beneficial uses and water quality objectives for waters of the State, including surface waters and groundwater. It also includes programs of implementation to achieve water quality objectives.[1]


The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) is one of nine RWQCBs in California and has jurisdiction over a 300 mile-long by 40 mile-long section of the Central Coast of California. [2] Agriculture, tourism, and oil primarily dominate the economic and urban atmosphere of this region. [2] Water quality occurring most frequently in this region include excessive salinity conditions and hardness of groundwater; nitrate concentrations are becoming an increasingly growing problem. [2] Seven groundwater basins contain total dissolved solids (TDS) counts greater than 1000 mg/L: [2]

The Carrizo Plain groundwater basin has the highest concentration of mineralization at over 5000 mg/L TDS. [2]

Central Coast Region Water Quality Control Board Extent


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