Central Coast Watershed Studies Team

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Monitoring the Effects of Groundwater Extractions on Carmel Lagoon

A CCoWS project for the California-American Water Company.


Between 2002 and 2004, the CCoWS team examined the influence of groundwater on the water balance and salinity of the Carmel Lagoon. The work was done for the California-American Water Company (Cal-Am).

Final Report

The final report of the project is avaialble as a 6MB PDF file, and is indexed at the Watershed Institute Publications Page.


Principal Investigator: Dr Fred Watson
Technicians: Joel Casagrande, Thor Anderson
Also: approx. 2 other staff & 4 students.
Overall project director under Cal-Am: Martin Feeney.

Related work

We have also monitored the hydrologic effects of Lagoon breaching for a consortium of agencies under the sponsorship of MCWRA. Follow this link to a description of that work.


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