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This is not the official City of King City page. This page was created as part of the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB to highlight watershed topics within the city.


King City, incorporated in 1911, encompasses approximately 2.8 square miles with an elevation of 330 feet above sea level at the following coordinates: 36°12′46″N 121°07′34″W, roughly between Greenfield and San Lucas on Highway 101 in the south Salinas Valley. The Salinas River flows on the west side of the city. According to the United States Census Bureau, King City has a population of 12, 874 with a median age of 24.9 and median income of 49, 326.

Annual Stormwater Reports

(See Section 4.3 Urban stormwater management in the Monterey Bay region)


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