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This page is very incomplete and tentative

This is an ad hoc list of in-house (potential) projects related to the EcoViz:SEP Vision, organized by project leader/s.

Doug Smith

Arroyo Seco

Big Sur River

Carmel River

GEOL 460

Seawater intrusion

Visualization of groundwater table beneath Salinas Valley during the past century - exists, could be updated.

Sea-level rise

Visualization of last 10,000 years of sea-level rise in Monterey Bay, merging into the future - exists, could be updated.

Marc Los Huertos

BIO 448

Steve Moore

PHYS 150

ENVS 330/530

Corey Garza

ENVS 332/532

Rikk Kvitek

ENVS 433/533

Maybe could re-map Carmel Bay.

James Lindholm

ENVS 470 Marine Conservation Biology

ENVS 545

Dan Shaprio

ENVS 400/403 Capstone

Fred Watson

ENVS 560 Watershed Systems

Includes a module on HEC-HMS modeling of watershed runoff. In 2007 and 2008, the module focused on the Gabilan Watershed. In 2009, it could focus on the Carmel Watershed.

Suzy Worcester

ENVS 350