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Ferrini Ranch is a proposed development project on 870 acres made up of 9 individual parcels to be subdivided into 212 residential units. The EIR is included as part of a conditional use permit which requests a general plan amendment to support a rezone and subdivision of the property.[1]

Potentially Significant Impacts addressed in EIR

  • Visual impacts and critical viewshed obstruction
  • Air quality
  • Biological resources (special status plant and animal species)
  • Filling of perennial waters (stream alteration)
  • Oak woodlands
  • Nesting raptors and migratory birds
  • Wildlife road crossings
  • Cultural resources
  • Soil Erosion
  • Groundwater resources
  • Storm water runoff
  • Hazardous materials
  • Land use / population impacts
  • Construction noise
  • Transportation
  • Greenhouse gas and climate change


Project Alternatives

  • Alternative 1: No project/no development
    • site used for grazing
  • Alternative 2: "Flatland" subdivision design
    • no development on hilly portions of site
  • Alternative 3: "Reduced impact" subdivision design
    • a reconfigured site plan with the same number of housing units as originally proposed
Ferrini Ranch Alternative 3 West parcel
Ferrini Ranch Alternative 3 East parcel
  • Alternative 4: Compact footprint subdivision design
    • uses clustering to reduce scenic impacts; eliminates many lots along Hwy 68, shortened Ferrini Ranch Road, new Hwy 68 interchange would be required



Reviewing Agencies

Resources Agency; Department of Conservation; Department of Fish and Wildlife, Region 4; Cal Fire; Department of Parks and Recreation; Department of Water Resources; Caltrans, Division of Aeronautics; Caltrans, District 5; Department of Housing and Community Development; Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 3; Department of Toxic Substances Control; Native American Heritage Commission; Public Utilities Commission; State Lands Commission [2]


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