Fort Ord Dunes State Park Campground Project

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Fort Ord Dunes State Park is located within the former Fort Ord Army Base. The Park is approximately 990 acres including 4 miles of beach front. The campground project site is 130 acres.[1]


The site was used by the army for small arms training. Toxic soils found on firing ranges underwent remediation and remediated sites were restored with native vegetation. Where remediation did not occur, non-native iceplant is the predominant ground cover. The campground site is located near storage bunkers and extensive paved areas. [2]

Environmental Impact Report

California Department of Parks and Recreation adopted a general plan and a "programmatic" EIR Fort Ord Dunes State Park in 2004. Parks recently released an initial study/mitigated negative declaration specific to the campground project. The use of a "programmatic" EIR allowed Parks to use a "tiered" analysis of impacts as the scope of project components narrow. The campground project is a narrower scope than the entire park general plan, and mitigation measures in the Campground initial study include references to mitigation measures analyzed in the general plan.[3]

Initial Study

The campground project is consistent with the 1997 Base Reuse Plan created by the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, when the park was designated as open space encompassing a variety of uses including camping. The project includes 45 RV sites, parking for 80 vehicles, four restroom/shower buildings, a multi-purpose building, outdoor facilities, restoration of one or more bunkers, an entrance station , three modular operations structures and a trail network.[4]


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