Incidental Take Permits (ITPs)

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Incidental Take Permits are issued by the federal government under the ESA[1] and the State of California under the CESA[2] to allow the 'take' of listed species, subject to specified mitigation requirements.

Federal ITPs


State ITPs =



Section 2081(b) of the Fish and Game Code enables the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to issue a permit for the take of a listed, threatened, or endangered species when[1][2]:

  • Take is incidental to lawful activity
  • Take impacts are minimal and may be mitigated
  • The permit applicant is capable of mitigating the species loss
  • The applicant provides adequate funding for mitigation
  • After issuance of the permit, the applicant no longer harms California Endangered Species Act listed species


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  2. CESA: Sections 2081(b)(c) - Incidental Take Permit Process



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