Native Americans in California's Central Coast Region

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An environmental summary by the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB.

This page lists the Native American Tribes within the California Central Coast Region as well as tribes within the proposed expansion NHA focus. California has 108 federally recognized Indian Tribes[1], with 56 located within the central coast region. The tribes are typically separate organizations often managing their own tribal lands. There are also a number of overarching groups through which the tribes work collaboratively to work with government organizations. Native American people have also recently regained historic land within the California Central region.

History and Characteristics of Central California Tribes

Native American Tribes within California differ from one another based on climatic and ecological zones [2]. Because of this, Coastal peoples and mountain range territories differed greatly from tribes found within the central valleys [3]. Because of the Mediterranean climate with unpredictable dry spells, native peoples primarily relied on harvesting nuts and berries and fishing for their means of livelihood [4]. The primary food sources of the Central Valley native peoples included acorns and salmon that was obtained from the waterways near Monterey Bay [5].

Tribes Within the Central California Region

From the maps:

Map showing Tribal lands within California

Others found online:

Native American Organizations and Coalitions

Tribal Land



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