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The Salinas Valley Water Project (SVWP) is a Monterey County Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) program, designed to manage groundwater resources within the Salinas Basin [1]. Specifically, the project aims to halt seawater intrusion into the Salinas groundwater basin and provide adequate water supplies for present and future (year 2030) needs [1].

Phase I

The first phase of the SVWP consisted of two projects: the Nacimiento Dam Spillway Modification Component (NDSMC), and the Salinas River Diversion Facility (SRDF). The purpose of the NDSMC was to increase the amount of flood flow that the spillway could control, thereby reducing flood safety issues. Modifications included raising and strengthening chute walls, anchoring channel walls, and strengthening the bridge with steel reinforced concrete [1]. The purpose of the SRDF was to divert and treat water from the Salinas River through use of a rubber dam. The diverted and treated water would then be used to fill the irrigation needs of local growers through the Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project (CSIP), reducing reliance on groundwater [2]. The NDSMC was completed in 2009 and the SRDF began operation in 2010 [1].

Phase II

Phase II of the SVWP involves the construction of two additional water capture and diversion facilities along the Salinas River [3]. The two water diversion points, the East Side Canal Intake and the Castroville Canal Intake, will be located near the cities of Soledad and Castroville, respectively. The facilities will resemble the SRDF. As of July 2014, MCWRA had requested resources to conduct an Environmental Impact Report and had engaged in initial funding discussions [4].


Phase I had a budget of $33 million, with $14 million being spent on construction of the SRDF [5].



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