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====Water Advocacy====
====Water Advocacy====
==Water Advocacy Projects==
As the [[Carmel River]] has been a main water source for the [[Monterey County]] area resulting in excess pumping of the aquifer. The need for this limited water source has led CRSA to be an advocate to keep some water for the fish. The association says that they attend meetings, comment of environmental documents, protest excess water withdrawals, bring up illegal actions to appropriate bodies, and in general fight for the rights of fish.
Some of their listed Water Advocacy accomplishments are <ref name="Advocacy"> [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/ Carmel River Steelhead Association Website Page on their Water Advocacy Accomplishments]</ref>:
*'''1988 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/1988-interim-relief-plan/ Interim Relief Plan]'''
**A filed complaint with the [[State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)]] about over-pumping of the Carmel River
**The CSRA suggested that rescue and rearing of fish within the Carmel River, irrigations of riparian vegetation, and release of more water from the [[San Clemente Dam]] would be remedies for current environmental damage
**[[Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD)]] responded by agreeing to dedicate one half of an aquatic biologist's time for environmental maintenance at $30,000 annual and would create a contingency fund for dry-year [[smolt]] transportation.
*'''1990 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/1990-water-allocation-eir/ Water Allocation EIR] '''
**The CRSA participated in the Draft and[[http://www.mpwmd.net/programs/mitigation_program/about/OPTION%20V%20MIT%20PLAN.pd Final Water Allocation EIR]] produced by the [[MPWMD]].
*'''1995 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/%ef%bb%bf%ef%bb%bf1995-water-order-95-10/ Water Order 95-10]'''
** CSRA, [[The Residents Water Committee]], [[Sierra Club]], and [[California Department of Parks and Recreation]] joined together to file a complaint with the [[State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)]]
** In response the SWRCB issued the [[https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/waterrights/board_decisions/adopted_orders/orders/1995/wro95-10.pdf Water Order 1995-10 (WO 95-10)]], which talked about the MPWMD's mitigation program and states the program would continue with the Interim Relief plan.
*'''2007 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/%ef%bb%bf%ef%bb%bf2007-aquifer-storage-and-recovery-asr-i/ Aquifer Storage and Recovery I]'''
**[[https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/ewrims/appropriative/docs/a027614c.pdf Permit 20808]] was issued in 2007 to allow MPWMD and [[Cal Am]] to take excess water from the Carmel River in the winter to be pumped to the [[City of Seaside]]. This water would be stored in the [[Seaside Groundwater Basin]].
**CRSA filed a late protect which was discussed by the SWRCB.
*'''2008 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/2008-aquifer-storage-and-recovery-asr-ii/ Aquifer Storage and Recovery II]'''
**MPWMD filed a petition to change the orginial[[https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/ewrims/appropriative/docs/a027614c.pdf Permit 20808]] to allow for additional pumping of water. The [[CSRA]] and the [[National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)]] filed a protection against the petition to change the permit.
**Also CRSA negotiated with Cal Am, MPWMD, and NMFS to set new pumping standards
*'''2009 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/2009-water-order-09-60-cease-and-desist-order/ SWRCB Water Order 09-60]'''
** The CSRA filed a complaint with SWRCB about Order 95-10 not being enforced and illegal pumping was occurring. The complaint led to hearings with Cal Am and resulted in the SWRCB issuing the[https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/waterrights/board_decisions/adopted_orders/orders/2009/wro2009_0060.pdf Water Order 09-60].
*'''2010 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/2010-lagoon-notice-of-intent-to-sue/ Lagoon Notice of Intent to Sue]'''
** CRSA filed a Notice of Intent to Sue to [[Monterey County]] as illegal breaching the [[Endangered Species Act]]. They reasoning behind the was Monterey County would beach lagoons to cause them to empty faster and potentially reduce flooding. Local lagoons such as the [[Carmel River Lagoon]] are important for [[Steelhead]] life cycles. <ref name="Lagoons">[http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/2010-lagoon-notice-of-intent-to-sue/ Carmel River Steelhead Association Lagoon Notice of Intent to Sue] </ref>
*'''2014 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/2014-cease-and-desist-order-extension/ Cease and Desist Order Extension]'''
**CSRA lobbied for significant mitigations should the [https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/waterrights/board_decisions/adopted_orders/orders/2009/wro2009_0060.pdf Water Order 09-60](Cease and Desist Order) be extended. Cal Am agreed to spend up to $2.5 million for these mitigations. The projects that Cal Am agreed to included additional spawning gravel injections below [[Los Padres Reservoir]], improvements to the existing upstream fish passage ladder at [[Los Padres Dam]], installation of a fish screen on Los Padres Dam, a pit tagging program, and a survival study for Los Padres Reservoir.
*'''2015 [http://www.carmelsteelhead.org/water-advocacy-2/2015-pacific-grove-local-water-project/ Pacific Grove Local Water Project]'''
**The [[City of Pacific Grove]] created a [[Pacific Grove Local Water Project (PGLWP)]]<ref name="PGLWP"> [https://www.cityofpacificgrove.org/living/public-works/local-water-project City of Pacific Grove Local Water Project Website]</ref> that would treat wastewater for use on the Pacific Grove golf course and a local cemetery. In 2015, Pacific Grove issued a draft supplemental EIR for the project asking for more water. CRSA protected the supplemental EIR. The SWRCB authorized the City of Pacific Grove's one percent loan but due to the Cease and Desist Order did not allow hookups for new or expanded water use.

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An environmental summary created by the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB.

CRSA Logo. Image: www.carmelsteelhead.org


The Carmel River Steelhead Association(CRSA) is a non-profit, volunteer and conservation group dedicated to the restoration of the Carmel River and its native Steelhead Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).[1]


The projects taken on by the Carmel River Steelhead Association are Fish Rescues, Habitat Improvements, and Water Advocacy.[2]

Fish Rescue

Every year, CRSA members & volunteers go out and search the areas known to go dry and strand fish for steelhead trout. They relocate these fish to the mainstem Carmel River that will not go dry. [3]

In addition, they provide fish rescue results by year on their website. [3]

Habitat Improvements

The focus of these habitat improvement projects are to provide favorable habitat to survive and thrive. In 1997, the American Rivers listed the Carmel one of many endangered rivers in the US.

Completed Habitat Projects listed on the CSRA website include[4]:

  • CRSA Gabion Project
  • Extending Los Padres Dam Spillway
  • Notching Los Padres Dam Spillyway Lip
  • Removing Los Padres Dam Spillway Boulders
  • Building Ladder and Trap
  • Large Woody Debris. Phase 1
  • Finch Creek Fish Passage Barrier Removal
  • Supplemental Water for the Lagoon
  • Helping Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project

Current Habitat Projects listed on the CSRA website include [5]:

  • Large Woody Debris, Phase II
  • Carmel Watershed Cleanups
  • Supplmental Water, Phase II

Planned Habitat Projects listed on the CSRA website include [6]:

Water Advocacy


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