Carneros Watershed: Map of Soil Type

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Carneros Watershed Soils


  • Original source of data: SSURGO
  • Data analysis by: Natalie
  • Map produced by: Natalie
  • Map produced using: ArcMap version 9.3.1
  • Coordinate system: Longitude Latitude
  • Datum: GCS North American Datum 1983

Steps taken

  1. Download SSURGO data for each of the 4 counties on the map (Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Santa Clara) from one of the Useful Data Sources
  2. Re-project each Layer into GCS North American Datum 1983
  3. In the steps below, work with the soil type (soilmu_a) shapefiles
  4. Add in re-projected "soilmu_a" layers for each county into the basemap
  5. Clip each county's SSURGO data to the watershed outline:
    1. Analysis tools --> Extract --> Clip
      1. Repeat for each county layer
  6. Merge the four clipped county MUSYM shapefiles into one shapefile:
    1. Data management tools --> General --> Merge
  7. Add this clipped-merged shapefile
  8. Use the "Muagget" text file to make a list of the soil types and their correlating codes in the "MUSYM" column of the attribute table
  9. Define symbology with a different color for each category of MUSYM (group categories by excluding slope percentage)
    1. Note, different counties appear to have used different codes for the same soil types, so there will be mis-matches at county boundaries
  10. Select the soil types that are inside the watershed boundary
  11. Add a legend for this inside-watershed layer

Alternate versions

  • None