Maps of the Carneros Watershed

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Produced by ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB.

Under construction: Feb 2011

Click on the headings (not the images) to obtain print-quality PDFs and metadata.

Notes during the construction of this gallery

Names assigned to tasks appear in parenthesis below.

(Rose) Before anyone can add a map to this page, a set of base map GIS files is needed that everyone can start with. It should contain:

  1. A map boundary rectangle - so that all maps can easily be zoomed top the same extent
  2. Hydrography - Obtain this from the USGS National Map server --> Hydrography data --> define area using Interactive Map Server (new 2011 version) --> download --> place an order --> wait an hour or so
    1. Datsetes available from National Map server include (Topo maps, Structures, Transportation, Hydrography, Boundaries, Land Cover, Elevation, & Orthoimagery)
  3. Roads - Ditto - from National map server
  4. Watershed boundary
  5. Towns
  6. Feature labels
  7. Legend

Maps to add to this page:

  1. Base map, including vector linework for:
    1. Watershed boundary - from Elkhorn Rd and up
    2. Hydrography - streams (major & minor), coastline, sloughs, etc.
    3. Roads (major, medium, minor)
    4. Towns
    5. Labels for all of the above
  2. (Patty) Elevation - with shaded relief - 1/9 second (10m) or 1/3 second (30m) from USGS Seamless server, or National Map server
  3. (Kyle)lope - maybe with shaded relief
  4. (Jake) Aerial photo (orthoimagery) - NAIP 4-band 1m is fine - from National Map server, or CaSIL
  5. (Shaelyn) Historical air photo
  6. USGS Topo map layers (contours, roads, names, etc.)
  7. (Roger) Geology - maybe with shaded relief
  8. (Natalie) Soil type - maybe with shaded relief
  9. (Michele) Land cover 2001 - maybe with shaded relief - from USGS National Map server
  10. Land cover 1992 - maybe with shaded relief - from USGS National Map server
  11. (AJ) Mean annual precipitation - maybe with shaded relief
  12. (Gabriela) Locations of precip gages and stream gages - maybe with shaded relief
  13. Watershed boundaries for Elkhorn Rd, Sill Road, and Johnson Rd - maybe with shaded relief
  14. (Kathy) Soil erosion index (maybe) - maybe with shaded relief
  15. Land ownership (maybe) - maybe with shaded relief
  16. Locations of groundwater wells (maybe) - maybe with shaded relief
  17. (Ryan) FEMA floodplain (maybe) - maybe with shaded relief
  18. ...

Coordinates of the geographic extent of these maps

  • 36.91669061
  • -121.796361881
  • -121.550773295
  • 36.747033289