Laguna Grande Regional Park

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An environmental summary created by the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB.

Laguna Grande Regional Park is located both in Seaside (80.5 percent) and Monterey (19.5 percent), within the Canyon del Rey Watershed. Laguna Grande lake is a freshwater lake that is fed by Arroyo del Rey creek. The park is maintained by both cities of Seaside and Monterey.

Laguna Grande Regional Park. Image provided by:The City of Seaside.

Laguna Grande Joint Powers Agency

To coordinate the development and maintenance of the park, the Laguna Grande Regional Park Joint Powers Agency (JPA) was formed in 1976. Shortly after, in 1978, the Laguna Grande Regional Park Master Plan and EIR Addendum were published.[1] Since 1978, the LGRP JPA had not held a meeting until September 30, 2019. In 2019, the agancy held three meetings where the primary goal was to establish a plan for trail maintenance within the park. The scope of the proposed work was not considered to be a project per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) allowing the agency to move forward with the preparation of a formal trail maintinance strategy which has not been finalized.[2]



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