Local Coastal Programs in California's Central Coast Region

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A watershed-related topic examined by the ENVS 560/L Watershed Systems class at CSUMB.

Local Coastal Programs

One key role of the California Coastal Commission (CCC) is overseeing the creation and regulation of Local Coastal Programs (LCPs). LCPs are prepared by local government and outline the rules for future development and use of coastal resources. These LCPs are certified and periodically reviewed by the CCC for consistency with California Coastal Act requirements.[1] For areas with Certified LCP's, local government is then responsible for issuing Coastal Development Permits (except in certain areas where the Commission retains jurisdiction, i.e. public trust lands). The CCC is responsible for reviewing amendments to a local agency's LCP, or reviewing Coastal Development Permits issued by local agencies which have been appealed to the Commission. [2]

A Local Coastal Program is composed of a Land Use Plan and an Implementation Plan. The Land Use Plan details the Land Uses which are permissible in each part of the local government's area, and specifies the general policies which apply to each Land Use. The Land Use can be a part of a local government's general plan. The Implementation Plan is responsible for implementing the policies contained in the Land Use Plan. The Implementation Plan is generally a part of the City's Zoning code. [1]

Many of California's 76 coastal cities and counties have elected to divide their coastal zone jurisdictions into separate geographic segments, resulting in some 128 separate LCP segments. As of 2014, about 87% of California's coastal zone has been represented and approximately 73% of the LCP segments have been effectively certified.[2] The closest CCC district office can be contacted to determine the current LCP Status Report and maps of LCPs.

Local Coastal Programs within the Central Coast Area

Image 2. Map of Local Coastal Programs on the Central Coast.



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